THE ACTION CREW EUROPE is a company dedicated not only to the stunts services, but to the integral design of action scenes. Our philosophy is to help the director and the producer to make their ideas come true.


Starting from the initial concept of the Director, our team designs the action and provides all the necessary material to carry it out, from the preparation of the cars, the rigging and the high speed camera cars to shoot them.


We are the Spanish Stunt Conmpany with more nominations to the TAURUS WORL SUNT AWARDS, the Oscar of the stunts ,  which is given every year in Los Angeles, CA. Our company has 7 nominations to this award, the most important recognition of our industry.


We have been in charge of the action of some of the most important Spanish films: Torrente 2,3,4 y 5. The Witches of Zugarramurdi, The Bar, My Big Night, Bull, The Secret of their Eyes, Nine Queens, Captain Koblick